Get Ready with Me for a Date Night:

Getting ready for “date night” is a really basic beauty ritual that needs no explaining, in my opinion. We all do it, primp and preen and get our skin glowing for that special someone. But there is actually a lot more to it that flexing our vanity and grooming muscles. There is an order and logic to it. It’s a process, so let’s talk about that process. I will start by talking about my emotional state recently and how getting ready for this one date was so interesting to me.

So I do have a boyfriend. I guess that’s what he is, considering that it we’re monogamous and it’s pretty regular that we see each other. And it’s really difficult making time for each other with our busy adult lives. And the future is always uncertain, in terms of the longevity and meaning of the relationship. I recently feared a lot of things after some revealing text messages from my boyfriend. And I didn’t know how to deal with them. I am a hairstylist in Toronto; my day to day consists of taking care of the business of looking good, and not much else. So there it was–a wall of emotions that floored me and I didn’t know what to do for days. But as a date night with my beau approached, I did what I had to do. What I always knew how to do…prep and get ready. And believe it or not, the process of selfcare and beautification really made me feel more secure of myself and what I want and was therapy in a way.

After showering I love to just relax in my robe and plan my next beauty moves. Usually it involves grabbing a tea!

The Ritual of Getting Ready:

  1. Facial Pampering: I like to do this the night before a date, or the morning of. It’s exfoliating with a gentle face exfoliator. I used Deciem’s Lactic Acid. Then applying a mask. The exfoliating makes the skin cleaner by removing dead skin cells so that it can absorb the nutrients of a moisturizing mask and expel toxins trapped within. It’s also creating the ideal canvas for make-up application. Also the best time to do my nails is the night before!
  2. Cleansing face, body and hair: I like to do this a few hours before the date: I do the whole enchilada; shampoo, condition my hair, shave, brush my teeth. After all the cleansing, don’t forget to moisturize with a nice light body lotion.
  3. Blow Dry and Style hair. My hair style depends on the formality of the night. After being apart for a while from my beau, I needed to have a more carefree, low maintenance look. This was because I wanted to create a more relaxed vibe between us after the awkwardness of the previous week and the messages. So I opted for a tousled look without flat ironing or curling. It was very natural. To achieve this I just blow dry and add a bit of serum for shine and de frizzing.
  4. Decide on outfit: Do this before putting make up on. Even if I don’t dress until right before the date, I still need to know what colors I’m working with. After choosing the appropriate outfit, for this one night I chose a lace turquoise body suit spaghetti strap tank and flare jeans. Casual but stylish attire to match my mood.
  5. Make up time: I decided since few colours didn’t clash with turquoise I would wear a smokey beige shadow with a bit of shimmer. It was perfect. Subtle, but alluring none the less. Liquid line with a pen, my usual day to day make up. Blush, brows, and lots of mascara.
I’m a fan of mascara. I truly believe that is there is one make up arsenal that really makes or breaks a look, it’s the mascara on lashes!!
Tada! The finished look. Is it possible that something so subtle and easy looking took about 2 hours? That is the mystery of getting ready!

By the time I got picked up by him, I was looking fine. Not overdone…even with all the work and prep it took. I enjoy the process. By the end of out date, after a hard couple of weeks second guessing our relationship, it felt nice that at least I always knew how to put on a good show; even if the future is uncertain with my beau. And well…it’s who I am to put my best face forward.

Anti-quarantine Glam Make-up looks…

The worldwide lock down has brought my spirits down as well. Physical distancing has bound everyone to their homes hiding or imprisoned; letting one’s appearance go is sadly is the new normal daily life. No hair or nail salons, no spas or gyms…basically no beauty allowed.  And with myself being in the beauty industry, I’ve been unemployed for six weeks now. I’m so bored with my inner thoughts and no amount of youtube, disney + or netflix can distract me from myself. I’m trying not to gain a ton of weight during my unemployed home times, and I’m basically living day to day wondering the necessity of pants. This is a dangerous time. I wanted to find a way to make social distancing more bearable. So what better than to share some glamourous full face make-ups suitable for happier days. These make-up looks I have designed are useless during the lock down, but give me something to look forward to wearing post covid, when all eyes may be on myself and the beauty of others!

Plum Smoke Romance:

I originally did this look for valentines, and I liked it a lot for the flirty sultry aspect. Plum is also a lot more inviting and interesting than the usual charcoal/grey smokey eyes.. So here is how to get it…

  1. Prepping the face…for this look, the less shine, the better. everything has to be matte and smokey. That includes the foundation, concealer and powder. I will even do my eye shadow base in a matte nude color.
  2. Define and fill in brows: pretty standard in all make-ups actually.
  3. Find a matte plum eyeshadow and sweep it on the whole lid from eyelash line all the way to the brow bone. Smoke out and deepen the plum with a charcoal violet shadow for a second coat on the entire eye lid.
  4. Using a soft eyeliner, line the top lid and smudge the line with a dark shadow to blend and set the liner. Use that same shade for the bottom lid and line the outer corners of the eyes.
  5. Two coats of mascara always, and falsies if desired. Blush is optional for this look and I kinda prefer without.

Carefree and smokey. I have dark days too.

Playboy Bunny Neutrals:

I made this look one Halloween when I contemplated donning the iconic  playboy bunny costume. The elegant body suit with stockings, bow tie, ears and tail. It’s pure feminine prowess at it’s best. The make-up for this look is a glam relies heavily and a retro cat eyeliner and shimmering nudes and taupes and goes well with any going out outfit.

  1. Foundation and concealer as always. Concealer is particularily important for a flawless matte complexion. Add powder generously.
  2. Fill in brows bushy and fluff them up fully!
  3. Matte shadow base all over top and bottom lid. Shimmer eyeshadow just on the bow bone and inner corners.
  4. Dark shimmer taupe shadow in the crease. Shimmer nude in the main center upper lid. Line with black pencil. Set the pencil line with a dark shadow, black or brown…outline the bottom lid with a bit of the same dark shadow (just the outer corners)
  5. Do a dramatic cat’s eye liner with liquid liner.
  6. Add two coats of mascara and falsies of desired.
  7. Use a matte blush on the cheeks.
  8. Finish with a red lipstick matte or gloss.

I do like to be girly sometimes. What better than to don a neutral glam look.

Ice Blush Princess:

If one could be the fairest in all the land!  Magical and fancy, pretty yet cool, behold the ice princess make-up. With ice pinks and plenty of dewy glow it’s a grown up way to show off baby doll pink.

  1. Moisturize the face with a non greasy lotion: This looks best when the skin is highly mosturized. Cool shimmery colors show every crack/crease on the face when it is too dry.
  2. Foundation and  concealer or brightening serum under and around the eyes is key to achieving that flawless glow; use face powder lightly to set. Finish brows with and filler and fluff aiming for a natural definition.
  3. Shadow work: Neutral non shimmer eye shadow base on top lid. Shimmering highlight shadow on bottom lid and inner eye corner and brow bone under the brow. Blend lightly with a blending brush. Dark mauve pink for the crease, and cool true pink shadow for the main lid area, Blend.
  4. Black eye liner tight lined to the upper lashes. Smudge the pencil line with charcoal gray shadow to widen and smoke up the line. Use the same gray shadow for bottom lid line (just the outer edges)
  5. Double coat of mascara. Falsies if desired! Spray with a dewy setting spray for moisturizing to take away any remaining powdery look!

Ice pinks are so subtle. But hopefully my shiny color palette is visible here.

So which look is the most glam and fitting for me? I like all three and am happy to have been able to try out these looksduring these sad times of having no reason to get dolled up and be glamorous. Hang in there…beauty will reign supreme again some day.

Hair coloring obsessions and other thoughts on my birthday…

So recently I’ve been coloring my hair like crazy…check out my post about soap capping. It’s been a goal of mine now to have ashy, cool toned hair colour, because well, as a dark haired asian girl, that is near impossible. Black is my natural color, and that’s as cool toned as my hair wants to be. But as I age and become more pale, black hair is actually too harsh for my skin tone (plus the occassional white that hair creeps in). But when I try to lighten even just a few shades, my hair screams a bright red/orange tone, even harsher than black hair for my complexion. I actually had to go through a lot of chemical processes to get it to be the cool toned light brown I have now and I’m ashamed to say it, since I kind of fried my hair with a chemical soup to get it…But now I think I got it, and really don’t care if it’s not exactly the colour I want…me needs to let go.

So this is just part of the chemical soup I subjected my hair to trying to make it ashy: developer, bleach lightener, permanent colors…additives…etc.

Today is my birthday, I’m another year older, and I’m really thinking today about how unimportant hair color is…all the cosmetic procedures, chemicals and efforts us girls put into altering our natural appearance doesn’t add up to much. When the truth is, nobody cares about the color of my hair…I recently reviewed some lipstick on here and to think I about it, I doubt anyone really cares about my lip color either. It’s fun, but that’s it…The truth is, cosmetics and fashion is a past time I enjoy…but not ultimately what people care about in me. My dad’s obsession for example, is seeing me eat more, eat healthily and sleep.  Ha ha. Really that’s all he cares about. Most people just want others to be healthy and happy. So I know that taking care of oneself’s mind and body is ultimately the most important thing to do…

Time to say sorry to my body and hair for everything I put it through for the sake of my vanities.Whether it is soap capping twice in one night to lighten it, or putting in harsh dyes and toners to perfect my hair color, or not eating bagels since they make me bloat…I have start seeing as to how I am pretty mean to my body…and it’s time to say sorry. How do I say sorry to my body? Some ideas I have are:

  • Don’t wear make-up on my off days, I just moisturize your skin and drink lots of tea
  • Do have that pastry/cookie/candy I’ve been thinking of
  • sleep in that extra two hours…I will never run out of chores/work that I gotta do, but I know I can always do it later
  • give my hair a hot oil conditioning treatment and not worry about what it will do its color
  • Feed your mind: Do something that has NOTHING to do with being gorgeous. (no fashion/make up stuff) Write an article or read a book about something cerebral. Create something that will bring value to your health, or learn something about the world your never knew.
  • Don’t look at trends and covet them on social media. Look at yourself and what you want to accomplish and achieve…

Remember the important things in life…and be happy. That’s what I’ve been thinking about on my birthday today. Nothing is worth doing if it doesn’t make us healthy and happy. It’s really easy to get caught up in getting the latest fashions and make-up trends, and cosmetic procedures…but knowing when to stop is key.