Reverse Hombre Hair

I am glad that I didn’t fall into what everybody else is doing these days, which is those hombre highlights. When I walk down the street this summer, at least 20 girls that pass me are wearing that new hair trend of having the hair shaft get lighter midway, all the way to the tips.  I admit is kind of pretty and frames the face well, but once too many people start doing it, it ruins the beauty of it. 

So what I decided to do with my hair colour this summer is perhaps less noticeable, but it’s not following the herd, so I actually like it a lot more.  I did it in reverse.  I’ve been lightening and colouring my hair for the last year with an ashy blonde colour from Wella. When the colouring is added to my dark hair with 40 volume peroxide, my hair colour neutralizes to a strawberry brunette colour.  After a year of that, I decided one tone colour was boring, so  this summer I did my mid-shaft to tips dark brown, but left the crown of my hair the lighter colour.  And voila, you get the “reverse hombre”.  So far, it’s been pretty subtle, and I haven’t gotten any compliments on it.  😦  But I like it a lot, and I feel it’s very natural, and helps my colour processed hair look healthier!


Also, I don’t feel like the latest fashion zombie, sporting half lightened hair, like most of the brunettes in Toronto.  (No offense to those reading that have hombre highlights–they are pretty too!)

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