Oils, elixirs of youth…

These pretty bottle contain crazy potions and elixirs!
These pretty bottle contain crazy potions and elixirs!

I’ve recently been re-watching The Lord of the Rings movies, and am just reminded of the large scale of human imagination and creativity.  All this time and artistry put into retelling Tolkien‘s epic story about good over evil in fantasy middle earth times has left me feeling like talking about magic elixirs…and I’d like to talk about a few. Natural oils are unprocessed and pure, and when using them as a skin care aid, they really do wonders!

I first discovered Jason’s vitamin E oil, in 2009, when after sleeping over at my then boyfriends’ house and waking up early to come back home, I felt stretched and tired, and so did my skin.  I went to my local health food store and thought, there must be something I can put on to rejuvenate my face, and I stumbled upon a small bottle of vitamin E oil. I didn’t know what it could do, but my face felt like it needed a bit of moisture, so I bought it and slathered it on.  I immediately saw a difference in the texture and quality of my face skin.  Since then I’ve been using different brands of vitamin E oil to ward off stress and dryness on my face,  before I put on night cream, and I’m proud to say I’ve barely got a wrinkle…


There are so many cosmetic oils out there on the market now, and I’m glad to say that it’s nothing new for me.  Argan oil looks divine, but its price point is not.  Other oils that I’d like to boast about are olive oil and grape seed oil.  Olive oil is nice and thick.  It covers the skin and hair nicely and doesn’t let up on it’s moisturizing properties.  Although it is a bit greasy, whenever I use it as a make-up remover, I can feel my face thanking me the next day when my skin looks so soft.  I don’t recommend Olive oil for the skin everyday, though.  I recently put some olive oil in my conditioner and it’s really put back some resilience to my colour treated hair.


Grape seed oil is my newest experiment. And so far, I’m loving it.  It’s not as heavy as vitamin E oil, or olive oil.  It spreads nicely, and absorbs quickly.  I’ve been using it as a body moisturizer after showers and it makes my skin so smooth.  Just wonderful. The best thing about using oils is the simplicity of it, of knowing what you’re putting on your skin and just the reassurance that no preservatives are in them. It is skin nourishment.  The fact that you can cook with any of these oils are testimony to their gentle goodness.  Enjoy!


What do you think? Let me know!

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