Short bangs look cute in a weird kinda way…

Bangs are really strange things.  Trimming them, and a shaping them and styling them can be a headache.  Which is why a lot of people outgrow their bangs at every opportunity they get.  But the reason I like them is that they actually prevent balding and thinning at that part of the scalp near the forehead where your hair naturally parts.  No bangs for some reason stresses out this point on your head.  Another bonus of bangs is that when you are tired of them, there are ways of concealing that you have bangs with hairspray and bobby pins so you still get to keep your styling options open.  It is much harder to fake bangs than it is to hide them.

Alyssa Milano. She looks the right balance between
Alyssa Milano. She looks the right balance between “polished, fun ‘do”, and “crazy girl who went too far with the scissors”.

I have been cutting my hair now for the past two years.  One of the simplest cuts that I have always found kind of quirky and cute was this really short, a bit chunky or uneven bangs cut that made one look as if you were a 4 year old child that was playing hairdresser with herself with the safety scissors she found in her kindergarten classroom.  It’s fun, unpretentious and youthful in a playful way.  This look is basically a regular bang cut, but what I do is aim to make it a little bit too short, in an awkward way.  If you happen to be like me, and do not work in a corporate office, I think this is something that you can try out.  And if it is too strange and unpolished for you, it’s just hair and it will always grow back.

On my recent bang trim, I was actually going for a bit of a longer, wispy bang length this time, but still ended up with shorter bangs than I wanted! 😦  So now I am still wearing the short bangs cut that I had sported the previous trim/cut.  But really experimenting with different shapes and lengths of bangs is super cool and easy to do.

Here is a video on Youtube that really helped me figure out how to trim/cut bangs.  Mind you this is on how to cut asymmetrical bangs but you can always modify the training of the video into any shape of bang that you may want!

Tips for cutting bangs:

1. Don’t cut them wet.  They will always dry a lot shorter than what you thought they would be.

2. Cut modestly…because it is actually super easy to over cut them in length when you add in the thinning and texturing process.

3. Experiment and try to visualize different bang lengths on your face.  If you see an edgy model with super short bangs, imagine them on your self and think about whether it would suit you.  Having a preset desired length and shape will definitely guarantee more success on achieving the amount of funky shortness or simple longness in your bangs you may want to show off…

This is my freshly cut slightly
This is my freshly cut slightly “too-short” bangs. That’s right Zoey Deschanel, I too can look “a-dork-able”

What do you think? Let me know!

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