Summer skin care: sun protection is key!

I recently discovered summer skincare is very different from the rest of the seasons.  I think because in Canada, we really only have two months of summer.  UV rays from the sun are present and dangerous all days of the year, but there is something about summer that just scorches and you can actually feel its damage. In all the other seasons we can be indoors a lot, but not in summer.  I like getting outside, but I never really was a fan of the tanned look, and well, I am kind of afraid of the premature aging that is said to happen to from frequent tanning and sun exposure.  And even with vanity aside, developments of skin cancer are unfortunately proven to be higher for people who love the sun too much. 😦

This was an outdoorsy summer.  I was on a trip to beaches near Lake Erie, and it was not a good time to forget the hat.  I got baked on that trip.
This was an outdoorsy summer for me. I was on trips camping, trips to lakes and beaches.  So it was not a good time to forget the hat. I got tan lines all over my collar and the summer is only half done!

Staying away from the sun is easier said than done.  This summer is an active one for me.  I walk a lot everyday with my kid for errands and exercise, I also just came back from a weekend at the beach, and the previous weekend I had gone camping.  I see all these tan lines on my collar, and although I know that my natural sun block is protecting me to some degree, I am also getting a lot of sun exposure and sometimes I was forgetting to put it sunscreen on!  Yikes! (At least I have no shortage of vitamin D recently) But still, I have to be careful for the rest of this summer, because though I have been skipping heavy make-up, I can’t skip sun protection.

My 6 Summer Skin Savers:

1) My cocoa butter & zinc oxide sunscreen, SPF unknown, since I make it myself.  It goes on a bit streaky, but knowing it’s all natural makes me and my skin happy on blazing summer days.  It is a bit greasy, so it must be worn on its own, not under make-up.  And I spread it everywhere that is getting exposure.

2) Rose water skin toner.  Also all natural, since my toner is literally just rose water straight from any supermarket. I put the bottle in the fridge and dab it on with a cotton ball whenever I need refreshing on my face.  Toners are generally used after face cleansing. But you can use rosewater anytime your face needs a splash of actual moisture and it smells so wonderful.

3) BB Cream!  I know there is a bit of a debate over which is better: BB cream or foundation.  But for SPF protection, BB’s are unparalleled.  Most of them are 25 SPF and up, and that’s only one of the many things BB creams multitask at.  They also provide coverage and blurring effects for the summer days that you still need to look a bit more polished.  Soften bb cream’s heavier coverage by skipping powder and you get a natural dewy, slightly shiny look that is supposed to be “in” at the moment, while still getting the sun protection that you need. Also powder make-up can turn cake-y in hot weather–not the best looking.

4) A big straw summer hat. Worn not for fashion, but for a constant shade for your face. Not necessary the most cooling item to wear on top  your head during a hot day, but a MUST to keep your face and collar in the shade, away from intense sun.  I went strawberry picking during the weekend and without it, I would have been seared by the midday rays!

5) Best stay indoors during the hours of 11am-4pm.  Unless you have to, why do your outdoors activities under the hot midday sun?  The intense heat of the summer sun at that time also puts you at risk of a heat stroke.

6) Drink lots of water.  Skin does hydrate from the inside out too, so the hotter the weather, the more water you should be drinking.  I don’t like sodas or sugary drinks that much, so ice water is my go to for hydration!

Shying away from the sun is good.  I got in my hand my current bb cream from Holika Holika at SPF 30 and my sun hat from Ardene's for only $12, so there is no excuse not to shade yourself!
Shying away from the sun is good! I got my current bb cream from Holika Holika at an spf of 30, it has a natural coverage.  And my sun hat from Ardene’s was only $12! so there is no excuse not to protect yourself!

There is totally nothing wrong with sunning or tanned skin.  I don’t necessarily think pale skin looks better.  Mostly, I like to think about what is best for the health of my skin in the long run, which would appear to be less sun.  What are your favourite summer skin savers?


What do you think? Let me know!

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