Make Valentines Day and everyday about Roses!!

Roses are red, violets are blue…everything is coming up roses…la vie en rose.  So many expressions in our language about his beautiful, elegant flower.  It is the ultimate flower to represent love, friendship, romance…and more.  How is it that the rose became so synonymous with romance, love and all that?  I know I always try to use this flower in my make-ups in hopes that in doing so, roses can impart to me its attractive aura. There is something magical about this flower, and you can even see it included as an ingredient in some innocent white witch love spells! So here are ways to work the magic of roses into your wardrobe and make-up so you feel extra alluring this Valentines day or any day in general.

Rose Water Toner: I always talk about my rose water toner.  And why wouldn’t I? Roses are known to have a hydrating effect on skin, and the rose water is used in Mediterranean cuisine is perfect for your face.  It is basically made from the water that roses are boiled in, and is super pure and fragrant. I put mine in the fridge and dab it with a cotton ball on my face for an instant rose face lift.

Rose Perfume: The smell of roses have a wonderful effect on the soul…Calming, stimulating and feminine. So why not use some of it’s power on a day like Valentines?  I blend my own perfumes, and I find rose oil to be too strong of a scent on its own.  Combine rose scents with something sweet smelling, and mellow, to counteract its potential spicy top noted scent.  If you don’t have the ability to make a perfume, I think L’Occitane has a pretty good rose based perfume.  And the key is subtlety.  Just use the tiniest amount to not over power your company.

Face Masks: because roses are such a gorgeous flower, wouldn’t its essential oil transport some of its power to you if you use it in a face mask?  During the winter months, I do a clay mask almost every week, to re-hydrate, rejuvenate and detox tired winter skin.  As well as using honey, yogurt and olive oil in the clay mask, I add several drops of rose essential oil and then leave the mask on my face for 20 mins.  When I wash it off, my face is tightened, moisturized and toned.  Thanks rose flower power!

Rose Tea: Drink in its power.  Certain herbal teas have rose buds in them to impart a beautiful bouquet and scent to the tea.  I also believe roses in tea can be anti inflammatory, calming, and just wonderful to drink.  Herbal teas are also great for relaxing and hydrating your body. Teas can also help to reduce appetite for healthy weight loss.

Rose coloured clothes and make-up:  And let’s not forget the emotional value that the colour “rose” can impart.  Although roses come in a variety of shades today…the colour one means when talking about “rose” is a pinky red. A perfect colour to wear on valentines…whether it is in a generous swipe of flushed red blush on your cheeks, or donning a gorgeous pink dress, anything rose coloured will get you noticed and feeling like a freshly picked flower.  Appreciate all that nature has to give us!

I was feeling shy and mysterious in this photo. And a bit moody. Fits in with the spirit of roses...I think.
I was feeling shy and mysterious in this photo. And a bit moody. Fits in with the spirit of roses…I think.

What do you think? Let me know!

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