Stay warm and stay stylish this winter!

So, it’s officially winter soon in the northern hemisphere, and well it’s not really favourite season of mine when it comes to fashion. Imagine the scene: sweatpants, and sweatshirts to hide gained weight from not going outside; roomy clothes for eating copious amounts of snacks while binge watching the lastest netflix series drop. And the all too familiar feeling of being frost bitten whenever wearing something fashionable and going outside for any length of time. That is how it’s like being in one of the coldest countries in the world. I live in Canada and thankfully I’m in the city of Toronto which is as mild a location as it can get here. But still, looking good in the winter needs a bit of finessing. Here is my list of fashion staples to survive a few cold winter nights in or out!

Look at all the sweaters of different colours and textures so easy to have some fun with style while staying warm!
  1. Winter Fleece lined tights: Nobody wants to wear sweatpants all winter, but they are so warm and comfy like a hug. But I feel that fleece lined tights give the illusion of dressiness while also having the softness and stretch one gets from sloppier clothes. Buy a few colours and styles and then wear them with skirts and dresses that still make a statement in the dead of winter. Fleece lined tights also fit so well in boots, and are actually pretty warm for a fitted bottom attire!
  2. Cute Sweaters: Ok, so what makes a sweater cute? So many things, my dear, so many things! Colour. Don’t go for black or white. But go for intersting colours like kelly green, coral, blush pink, mauve. These colours are unique in the clothing world and will make a statement. Cut: drop shoulders make a frame look petite, crop sweaters show off the waist (hopefully not ruined from overeating) and fitted long turtleneck sweaters look great with leggings. Interesting necklines like lacing. Just make sure it doesn’t look frumpy and it’s already a hit fashion item.
  3. Cute lounge wear. I cannot stress this enough. A lot of living in Canada is about staying at home. So cozy slippers, warm socks, boxy shorts, and plush cute robes! Stuff to wear around the house is important and all about fashion with a healthy dose of cozy. I like to keep it classy and not like a pajama party. My silk kimono is a great way to cover up a set of jammies warmly.
  4. A Wide Variety of Winter Jackets: It’s a long winter here in Canada. So it’s best to have two or three. They should be different styles ie. parka, peacoat, wool, and even puffer. But the key is to make sure it fits. An accentuated waist tie coat looks better than a shapeless blob draped on the body. And colour is important too. In Canada, we don’t get a lot of light in the winter, so any jacket colour that isn’t black is ideal. Even though dark colours can be attractive, navy can always be a substitute for black.
This is an example of cozy cute attire. A soft oversized sweater on top of a cute flowy dress and fleece tights! Super comfy and not one bit frumpy!

And there it is. 4 fashion staples that can get any fashionista through the winter in the simplest way. Did I forget any tried and true items that make long cold winters just a bit more fun? Let me know in the comments below and stay warm as we head into the long winter months!

What do you think? Let me know!

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