Staying pretty while on vaca is harder than it seems…

There are so many obstacles to a regular make-up/face care routine while on vacation.  An inspired routine is even more difficult on the go.  At first I thought all I had to do was pack my toiletries into small bottles and choose carefully which make-ups to bring.  I didn’t factor in weather (rain, wind, sun) and I also didn’t factor in the time.  Travel and vacation trips are often about doing the most with the amount of time you have, making powdering your nose, while in the bathroom something you can justify skipping.  At the end of the day, my make-up was all smudged and barely there, my skin was tired and aching for hydration, and my body was drained.  I’m sure I didn’t look that bad, but I was hoping to get some great photos with me looking all cute riding various rides at Disney, or having a fun, while having a smokin’ hair day at Universal, but…well, I think I was only semi-successful.  I’ll post up some photos and allow you guys to judge. (but be nice!)

This was the second or third ride that day! It’s a small world after all! And my make-up is giving good coverage so far!
Monsters Inc. too cute! I can’t believe this photo turned out well. This is the end of the day when my make-up was literally gone. I can see some smudging on the top liner…but otherwise, it’s not too bad.
The only day of good weather while we were there! My makeup is ALL smudged in this photo because of a water ride.

What I think I did right was my choice of makeups.  I went simple. Foudation/powerder to set. I pared down colours, opting for a lavender pink shadow, and a light white shimmer–if I felt like getting fancy.  Then it was black eyeliner and black shadow for smudging it.  Mascara, brow definer, and blush.  I know this seems like a lot but it actually isn’t.  It fit in a small pouch that looked like a pencil bag.  And top it off with a bit of home made lip gloss!

What were my mistakes?  I needed to carry make-up remover, or some lotion, to wipe away smudges.  I had a lot of them sometimes at the end of a rainy adventure filled day, and smudged liner at the base of your eyes makes one look tired, and it makes bags more noticeable.  Another mistake was I carried no powder.  This is because on a regular day, I am not as active as on a vaca day.  I was in and out of rides at them parks, and the wind blew off everything that I had on.  At the end of the day, I’m sure I had a bare face, which is not bad, but considering I wear gentle make-up that is not made to last, I needed to reapply some form of face make-up to take the last days photos while still looking perky and revitalized.

All in all, I know vacations are not about looking your most fashionable, but then again, the photos you keep are what help you remember the trip. I know I would prefer to look my best in them.  In a way vacation grooming and present-ability is important because even if it was one disaster of a trip, your photos you keep and show to your friends can say otherwise.  They can say, “damn, my hair looked awesome that day!”

What do you think? Let me know!

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