You’ve mastered the “cat eye” make-up, now let’s do the “mouse eye”

I am not really that into Theme Parks.  They are tourist traps that suck up all your money on junk food, cheap souvenirs, and just temporary thrills.  But there is still something about being young at heart and liking Disney World.  There is definitely something magic in the Disney Parks, something they did well, something that can generate memories, just by walking down it’s whimsical streets to having your photo with Ariel, or with Mickey, himself.  That’s why this year, I took my kid to Disney World in Florida.

To celebrate this occasion, I’ve been thinking about different make-up looks to create and try on this trip.  How about a make-up that incorporates mouse ears somehow?  Hmm, I am getting a feeling that this would not be pretty.  What about Minnie Mouse…how can she inspire me?  She’s got some long lashes.  Three to be exact…


Then I thought of the time that I caught a mouse in my house.  Well, actually, my cat caught it and almost ripped it to pieces.  I saved it, from my cat, but it still ended up dying.  I was sad.  It had the cutest little beady eyes, surrounded by what seemed to be bushy eye lashes.  So now, combining Minnie Mouse’s eyelashes and that of a real house mouse, I’ve created “mouse eyes”!

Similar to the famous “cat eye” make-up of an angled slanty-eyed look with black liquid liner on the top eyelid, I decided to get a bit more playful and curly with my “mouse eye” look.  Here’s how to do it:

This is me without makeup.  Not too shabby I hope!
This is me without makeup. Not too shabby I hope!

Start with a clean face.  I apply my bb cream/foundation, and set with a dusting of powder.  Next up, my brows…fill in with a pencil or with a powder filler.  Then start with the eyes.  First of all, trace a thin black line around your eyes, making an almond shape.

perfectly pencil lined eyes
perfectly pencil lined eyes

I don’t usually do tight lining (which is lining the bottom lid as close to the eyeball as possible), but I get as close as I can, without hitting the wet lid.  Then, this is where the artistry and steady hands come in.  Using gel liner in black, I draw in some bushy curly lashes, that extend from my outer eye, and curl two more times to form three pointy peaks.


The result is  the illusion of incredibly thick lashes, that resemble that of a mouses lashes.  What do yo think of it?  “Mouse eyes”.  I’m going to be wearing this during my trip to Disney World…and hopefully some of the magic that is in the air there, will be reflected in me!  Don’t forget to add a smidgen of blush and a bit of lip gloss.  Th oust ready to go theme parking at Disney now!



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