How I amp up my conditioner for extra shiny hair!

New Year, it means, “new hair”, right?  There is nothing more attractive for hair than shine.  My hair when I was younger, had the most amazing sheen.  It was because I didn’t chemically process it.  However, now a days, everyone does something to their hair, whether it is a perm, or a colour, it affects it’s shine.  So how do I put in a bit of newness and shine to processed hair?  I boost up my everyday conditioner with a few natural ingredients!

A while ago, the dullness really bothered me.  I tried adding leave-in hair products to help increase shine.  The drawback was was that it weighed my hair down, and coated each strand with build up making the problem worse.  Then I tried natural oils like grapeseed oil, as a finishing touch to dry styled hair, but that made my hair too greasy.  That’s when I gave up with after shower shine products and focused on deep conditioning, which I now believe is key.

First of all, start off with a good everyday conditioner.  Then add into the picture: a conditioning hair mask, olive oil, and honey.   Regular conditioner acts as a base.  The conditioning hair mask adds extra softness, the honey attracts moisture and help the hair absorb it, and olive oil gives extra gloss. Mix all four ingredients in a dish, and then get in the shower.  Shampoo well, then spread your hybrid mixture of conditioners into your stressed out strands.  Leave in for 5 minutes.  Rinse well. 

And the results are perfect.  My hair is adequately hydrated, and without build up, the natural oils in my hair can evenly coat each strand to boost shine.  So here is my simple recipe that I mix in a small bowl, each time before showering, so that it is ready to use as soon as I am done my shampooing:

1 part hair conditioner

1 part hair conditioning mask

1/2 part olive oil

1/2 part honey

Mix and blend every ingredient together until uniform in colour and texture.  This stuff will smell amazing as most conditioners already smell great but add in the honey and olive oil and you almost want to eat it!  It is now ready to use.

Doesn’t look the greatest, but it works!
Mix well, and you too, can have this one phase result!
Shiny, and babelicious, no?

After showering, I towel dry hair, and then allow my hair to air dry half way, then finish with low blow dryer heat for 5 mins.  My results when I do this is weightless clean shine, with no need for extra leave-in products!  My hair is super soft, and it has a natural shiny halo to it on the crown of the head or anywhere else it catches the light.  For me it’s like having virgin hair again, while not having virgin styled hair!

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